Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Most obstacles are imaginary; the rest are only temporary."


The picture isn't fantastic I know, but it's a banana split for breakfast. Mmm. After browsing KERF's tribute to oatmeal I was inspired.
1 medium banana sliced in half (Had to break off the end for it to fit in the bowl)
Stuffed with 1/4 cup Bear Naked apple cinnamon granola
Topped with 1tbsp Skippy's Natural crunchy PB
All over a bed of 1/3 cup vanilla yogurt
Sprinkled with cinnamon
Things to do today:
  • Get a good work out in
  • Make an eye appointment, I need a check up 
  • Finish studying chapter 3 and 4 in the driver's manual for my permit
  • Eat a yummy Wendy's chocolate m&m twisted frosty without guilt
  • Make something with the avocado I have
  • Spend time with Matt
  • Clean up my does it get so messy?
  • Be positive and stay motivated!
  • Try going to bed at an earlier time

Cell phone picture...
Sirloin steak
Wild rice
Green beans
Crescent roll
I didn't have gravy over my sirloin, but I added a dap to my plate to dip my roll into. Chipotle brown gravy as a matter of fact, it was good.

Turns out I am not doing well with my list of accomplishments. My avocado was bad. =[ I am not familiar with them and I suppose I bought it too ripe and it went bad quickly. Oh well. Silly me cut my finger while cutting the avocado in half and I didn't think it would ever stop bleeding. Ugh!