Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Touch passion when it comes your’s rare enough as it is. Don’t walk away when it calls you by name."

Today was an odd day of eating...I basically rolled out of bed and went to get Chinese with some friend, which I was disappointed with. I ordered chicken and broccoli without sauce, but I received it with a reminiscence of brownish liquid. Hmmm. I had the lunch special so I managed to eat all of the broccoli, carrots, and chicken. I also had around 1/4 cup of white rice. The local Chinese restaurant we went to didn't have very many options at all. Tofu, brown rice, and steamed veggies was my original option. I may have still been half asleep because it didn't cross my mind to take a photo, sorry.


2 slices whole wheat bread
A bit of peppered turkey lunch meat
Lettuce, tomato
My side was a apple and yogurt salad 
I was in the need of something on the lighter side after my previous meals today.
Dried cherry and walnut salad with strawberry vinaigrette (I'm head over heels for these cherries)

After work tonight I managed to get some groceries. After reading various food blogs I've decided to try a few things I haven't before: Amy's black bean and veggie soup, laughing cow cheese, ground turkey, and kashi pumpkin pie bars along with other things. Reading blogs has opened my eyes to many new foods and dishes along with providing tons of inspiration. I thank every one who continually blogs about their journey.

Almost forgot...last night I snuck in a cup of hot cocoa. I mixed together 2% milk, 1 tbsp. Hershey's cocoa, some Splenda and cinnamon all in my new mug. Even my stirring spoon is a cute santa.

I will be taking tonight to reflect on the year and make my 2010 resolutions. Good luck to everyone in the new year, I can't wait to see what you have in store.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Optimism is the foundation of courage. "


I saw a lot of rave about cocoa oats, so I decided to try it today. I will be making more of this in the future. I've never added dried cherries to anything either, again I will be doing more of this.

1/2 cup Quaker Oats
1/4 cup dried cherries
1 tbsp. Hershey's unsweetened cocoa 
Cinnamon and a little Splenda to add some spark

Unfortunately I have to work a weird shift at work today. Not so much weird, but I don't like working shifts that make me stray from normal eating habits. I'll have to pack something quick I can eat in 15 minutes. Nothing is worse to me than being forced to eat in a 15 minute time frame, I prefer to take my time and savor it. 

I was a bit pressed for time so I grabbed the quickest thing from my house I could think of.
Cheese ravioli Lean Cuisine meal
1 small apple 
Odd thing about mentioning the 15 minute break thing today, I found out that we will no longer have 15 minutes breaks. When we work 6.5 hours we will get a half an hour for our break. I worked 3-9:15 today, not getting home until around a 9:45...a normal person eats within this time frame. I am by no means a morning person so I eat later and don't want to eat around 2 before I go in for my shift and the eat after 10 the next time I eat. The body needs food at least every 6 hours from what I hear and I personally feel the need to eat something within 4 or so most of the time. I am very frustrated with this. I did get a nice surprise from a co-worker today though. As I walked into our break room I noticed a gift bag with my name on it...I got a nice Christmas mug set with some yummy cocoa. I'll have to try the cocoa and take a picture of the mug soon.

"Taco salad":
Left over salad from my parents dinner 
1/2 cup Ortega fat-free refried beans
2 tbsp. salsa
Chili powder to spice up the salad
8 reduced-fat Wheat Thins

1/2 Peanut butter and chocolate Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich
A few dried cherries (I think I'm hooked after trying them this morning)

A few of my friends stopped by my work tonight and invited me out for some Chinese tomorrow afternoon. I really haven't had to face Chinese with a group of friends since I've become health conscious, I've avoided it. I am thinking of getting steamed veggies and unbreaded chicken with sauce on the side, if at all. Cream cheese won-tons with duck sauce are my weakness, but I promise to myself that I will not touch them. 

In the past week or so I haven't followed a very healthy diet or exercised as much as I'd like, especially with me not feeling well. There is a noticeable difference to me in what I look and feel like from eating too much junk and not exercising. The pants are fitting a bit snugger it seems. ;p I do know that I will be getting back on track and then some. Like I said before, the holidays make me a bit weak just as they do with anyone. Good news is...I am stable enough to not let myself continue with the rut. 

Did I mention how cold it is here? Under 13 degrees! Brrrrrr! Hope everyone is staying nice and warm. =] 

Monday, December 28, 2009

"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability. "


A lovely bowl of mess...
1/3 cup Bear Naked apple cinnamon granola
1/3 cup Dannon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt
1 small apple

Originally I was going to have a bowl of cocoa oats and a banana, but I don't have any ripe banana's...someone at the last one. Sigh. 
By the way, I recently signed up for Food Buzz. Check me out:HERE
Matt had a gift card for Pizza Hut, so that's we went there along with his sister. We ordered bread sticks and a medium pepperoni thin crust pizza.
I had a bread stick dipped in some marinara sauce and 2 slices of pizza. I blotted all of the grease off of the pizza as usual because it grosses me out. I'm still too camera shy to bust it out in front of everyone for my blog. After lunch we decided to head to a mall we haven't been to in awhile...well, the weather here worsened as we drove. Longest trip to a mall ever. I exchanged a shirt from the other day and Matt found a book on sale at Border's, which is going out of business soon.

1 Arnold Thin
Peppered turkey lunch meat
Lettuce, onion, tomato

1 small apple with cinnamon


A nice cup of Celestial apple cinnamon tea. I have been waiting all day for this! Matt has been a bit sick for about a week now and it has finally passed on to me. I woke up feel tired, weak, stuffy, achy, etc. This cup of tea hit the spot.

I managed to sneak a few pieces of hard tack candy from Matt's stash tonight. I was looking for watermelon, but I kept getting cinnamon and gave up. Haha. 

The weather here tonight is cold and very snowy. For me, this is a terrible mix. I will have nothing to do with the cold. Yuck. Tomorrow I want to warm up with a nice bowl of oats with some cocoa. Off to bed now because I am super super sleepy with this cold!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of."

Holiday/Post-Holiday Recap aka Mega-post

Sorry for the lack of pictures! I've been a bit too busy to think about wiping out my camera every moment. I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday and hope everyone else did too. I'm excited to wear all of the new clothes I got. =] It's a big confidence booster to fit into the sizes I wear now and such a motivator to stay this way. 

Christmas Eve 
I kept it super light due to the fact we were eating "dinner" so close to us waking up and didn't want to be too full to eat the goods. I had a banana and a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of cocoa, a teaspoon of nondairy creamer, and a packet of Splenda.

Mashed potatoes, tons of mixed veggies, and a giant dinner roll! I don't eat ham, so I didn't exactly have a way to incorporate any meat or protein into my meal. After I finish my plate I took some time to socialize before digging into my Dad's wonderful decadent homemade dark chocolate mousse. The recipe he uses is by far some of the better, if not the best chocolate mousse I have ever had. If my body could handle it, I just may have eaten to entire bowl. ;) But, mousse is rich, especially dark chocolate mousse, so I may have had about a half cup.
This is when I realized my eating was getting a bit out of control....I had about a 1/4 piece of my paps kaibasi on an Arnold Thin (Which I have recently tried and absolutely love! How have I lived without these babies?!) and some spicey brown mustard. Well, for dessert I had a nice big slice of my grandma's pumpkin roll.

Day after Christmas
A banana, which was ripened to my perfection, Danon Light and Fit yogurt, and some Special K Protein Plus. Mix together and yum. 
Matt's aunt had a big Christmas party and this woman is a fantastic cook! She use to own a Cornucopia, but now she just does catering. No, she does not do the ordinary rigatoni and fried chicken catering. I should have taken a shot of her fabulous buffet if nothing else. I had the best roast beef I have tasted on a roll, lots of fresh veggies, and two giant slices of my favorite fruit...cantaloupe. Of course I couldn't pass up the table of sweets either! The first thing that caught my eye was toffee cheesecake. I could have went with the usual piece of chocolate or cookie to save on calories, but I figured what the hey. Delicious! Man, I sure was stuffed. We didn't stay long because we had some things to get done, but it was a nice short visit. Sometimes Matt thinks I don't enjoy doing things with his family, but I'm really shy when I don't know people. I love that he's a family man and would do anything with his family.

Matt decided after not really eating any of the fabulous food his aunt made he'd go to Taco Bell after our crazy day returning things at the mall, shopping, and going to Sam's Club. They didn't have the apple empinada so they gave him two cinnamon twists....guess who ate a bag? Me.
Alright, lets pretend this section does not exist. I told myself after today I would get back on track so i went crazy eating everything! I had some sandwich spread on an Arnold Thin, a piece of leftover crazy bread, and a piece of pumpkin roll. didn't stop there. As I was passing the living room I noticed my bag of Lindor truffles and took them with me upstairs....this is the part where I get disgustingly sick. I will be saving my 60% cocoa heavenly truffles for a time in the future where I can begin to handle sweets again.

All in all I feel good that I can blog what I have eaten to motivate me to do better in the future. We all have our slips, even major ones. I am doing my best to stay positive with this and get back on track. Recently I have found many great blogs and really feel inspired! Food blogging is helping me more than you may know. 

Today--December 27

1 medium banana
1/2 to 2/3 cup Dannon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt
(I scraped out the last bit so it would all be used before pitching it)
1/4 cup Bear Naked apple cinnamon granola

Bear Naked All Natural Granola Apple Cinnamon (12oz) All Natural Granola

Made with REAL whole grains.
Hand-crafted in small batches, yielding unique, soft-baked texture
Voted "Best-Tasting Granola in the Country" (Men’s Health, Mar 2005 & Organic Style, Nov 2004)
All-Natural, Bearly Processed and Utterly Naked Ingredients... that you can actually pronounce!
Vegetarian friendly
Kosher certified
Bear Naked products are priced at a premium level, because Bear Naked sources the best-tasting, highest quality ingredients they can find. For example, they use whole almonds and walnut halves, not almond and walnut pieces. In addition, Bare Naked granola is still made by hand, which is labor intensive. Bear Naked products are all natural and, by definition, all natural products cannot contain preservatives. As a result, Bear Naked does not use any artificial ingredients or preservatives, including MSG.

Bear Naked® is naturally sweetened with just a kiss of honey. They selected to use honey in their recipe because studies have shown it is low on the glycemic index, providing a long, steady source of energy instead of a spike and crash. Honey is also a natural source of antioxidants.

I give this product a big thumbs up! The taste is unbelievably good and sweet. The granola is in tiny clusters, some is broken up though, and I love the dried apples. I actually got my bag for only $3 at our local Big Lots store. This product usually runs around $5 a bag. 1/4 cup is 140 calories so I enjoyed mixing mine with the yogurt and will continue to use their line of products. If you check out their website: you can view their product information and order if you like. By saving bags you can earn points to cash in for a t-shirt or a reusable bag. Nice.

Turkey sammie:
1 toasted Arnold Thin
Peppered deli turkey

I can't wait to have another one of these tomorrow. I'm boring, I could eat these every day.

1 small/medium apple
1/8 cup walnut halves
1tsp vanilla extract


Sorry for the terrible photo. I need to run these back downstairs because they tempt me. I had only one and it was delicious. Lindor truffles are one of my ultimate chocolate favorites!
I was in the mood for eggs tonight and I came up with this tasty combo...

1 Arnold Thin (I'm on my last one. Oh no!)

1/2 cup egg beaters with onion and ground black pepper
2 slices of tomato
1 slice yellow American cheese
Side of small apple slices with cinnamon

My fruit choices with cinnamon are repetitious, I know. This is the first time using this sandwich combo and it just may become a regular. Mmmm so good. I love sandwiches and never find them boring as most people do. Personally, I don't need very much variety in my diet to be happy.

As much as I don't like to admit it, I was a coach potato today. Naturally I go to bed late so I will be working out tonight. Yesterday I took a day off of working out, although I don't have much of a routine anyway. One thing I'm working on is becoming knowledgeable about exercise. Baby steps!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"The only thing bad about a holiday is it is followed by a non-holiday. "

3/4 cup Danon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt 
3/4 medium gala apple

A same old, same old kind of breakfast so I chose not to photograph it. I also had a little taste of the chocolate mousse my Dad was making for tomorrow. Mmm! I wish I could have just thrown my apples into that mixture. Haha.


We visit the DuBreucq (My Dad) side of the family on Christmas Eve. My grandma started a new tradition for us this year with Oplatek waffers. Oplatek is just a mixture of water and flour, but most people buy it instead of making it. The waffers come in little sheets, but we sliced them up so that we didn't spread any unneccesary germs. My grandma said she always ate hers like little sandwiches with honey in between, so we did also. Traditionally the head of the house hold gets the pink waffers, but we had to make a fe exceptions. My grandmother is full of interesting things to try.

I started dinner off with 4 lovely home made potato pierogi with home made horse radish sauce on the side, 2 slices of turkey, and a nice salad with strawberry vinaigrette. I gave the other slice of turkey to my Dad because I was too full. I could have stopped after the salad and about 2 or 3 pierogi, but they only come once a year so I finished them off.

After dinner my younger cousins played the "right and left" game. I'm the oldest grandchild, so I don't play anymore. Haha. Every one always has fun with this, even just watching it. My grandma read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas after the game and then we get ready to go downstairs and open gifts.

I had a slice of pumpkin roll, my favorite! I also had one of these mini chocolate chip cookies, which were one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted. They had a cinnamon flavor to them and I love my cinnamon, plus they were packed with chocolate chips.

This is no ordinary box, it's a Japanese "trick box". All of the grand kids got a different box in which we had to figure out how to open to get what was inside. Not as easy as it sounds let me tell you. Grandma wanted to give money to the older grand kids this year, but needed a clever way to do it and sure enough this was a great idea. She even wrapped them in Japanese newspaper that was in the boxes she received them with from an Ebay vendor. We also do gift exchanges with one of our cousins every year to make it easy on us, there are 13! I got a nice set of silver bangle bracelets, just when I was thinking earlier that I wish I had some nicer bracelets to wear.
My parents and I. =]
Oh, I also had a nice tasting of some smoked kaibasi my pap made...I love that he'll buy a cheap kaibasi and jazz it up his own way. I also tasted half a piece of peanut butter fudge from my Aunt Cherise and Uncle tasted like peanut butter bon bon's, good thing there was only one piece in the container of goodies they gave us or I would have wiped those babies out. Tomorrow I will be going to my grandma's (My Moms) for early dinner around lunch as usual. I can't wait to dig into that chocolate mousse. ;) 


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Life is a journey, not a destination."

(Not pictured)
Peanut butter and banana sandwich:

1 whole wheat Arnold Thin
1 banana
3/4 cup Dannon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt
1 tbsp Skippy's Natural peanut butter

The past couple of days I have been craving peanut butter like crazy and had to get my fix today. I ate the last banana, which I only had two out of the entire bunch. Luckily I had a chance to stop tonight to get some bananas and apples, which I was also out of. Fruit this time of the year is so disappointing though, not enough variety..I may be resorting to some frozen or canned here soon.


Slice of meatloaf with tomato sauce
About 3/4 cup canned green beans
About 1/4 cup mashed red potatoes

I know mashed potatoes and meat loaf aren't the most nutritious, but the meal isn't that bad either. I separated my potatoes so I wouldn't feel the urge to eat all of them. At least I ate lots of green beans.

(Not pictured) 
With the holidays of course a few people brought some things to work today. Peggy brought spiced cake, but the frosting has coconut on it...I don't like coconut. Tom brought some homemade chocolates and that is something I can't resist! I had 3 select pieces: 1 mini Christmas tree with holiday sprinkles, 1 average size caramel cup, 1 small cup with some fruit filling and walnuts. I really appreciate homemade goodies. =] I thought about baking something else soon to bring in, but we'll see.


Lean Cuisine's chicken enchilada suiza meal

I wanted something quick that didn't dirty the kitchen and I've had a few of these in the freezer for awhile, so I figured why not? I personally like this for the rice, I don't know why. The chicken enchilda is nothing like chicken though, it's hard to explain...and I don't care for the sour cream sauce all too much so I leave most of it on the side. 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! On Thanksgiving I didn't get to see the entire family (That lives here anyway) so it will be nice to see them all. Oh, I can't forget my main dish tomorrow...pierogi! I love being part Polish. My pap always makes his own kielbasa too so I'll be snagging some of that, and some chocolates or cookies. Yum, yum, yum. Just so everyone knows, I do not like ham unless it's in lunch meat form and even then I don't care for it. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Before I forget I neglected to mention a nice gesture given to me tonight. My Dad and I were picking a few things up at Walmart and I needed another tin for hard tack candy, but the selection was a bit scarce. I found a nice snowman tin, but they were all too big so I settled for another one. While looking at gift bags a woman came up to me with a tin and it was a small version of the one I was looking at. Yes, she tracked me down just to give me the last tin of the one I liked. How nice!

"The great question is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with failure. "


1/2 Arnold whole wheat thin
1/2 Tbsp Skippy's Natural creamy peanut butter
Apple slices with cinnamon 
1/2 apple on the side

Arnold whole wheat thin
Morning star black bean veggie burger with lettuce, jalapenos, and onion
Iceberg lettuce
2 Tbsp. Kraft fat-free caesar italian dressing

I exchanged Christmas presents early with Matt and his family tonight because I'm unsure if our Christmas schedule will work out for us to see each other. I bought Matt Fall Out 3 for Xbox, an HDMI cable for his Xbox and new TV he's getting from his parents, and a gift card for Game Stop. For his parents I bought a nice snowman throw blanket from Thing Remembered that has their last name embroidered on it, his Mom loved it! They unexpectedly got me the book I've been wanting, Glenn Beck's 'Arguing with Idiots'...I already started reading it. So far so good! 

Kind of a rough picture of me at the end of the day, but you get the point. I am excited to read yet another good book from him, I'm a huge fan.
(Not pictured, thankfully!)

3 slices of pepperoni and extra cheese pizza from Pizza King

In the event that I was over my boyfriends hosue tonight, they decided to order pizza. I told myself I wouldn't eat any because I could come home and eat dinner, but I did...all three slices of it's greasy pepperoni extra cheesy goodness. I haven't had pizza in awhile and I just may have gotten a bit over zealous. Grease and fat are something I am not accustomed to these days and all I keep hearing is my stomach churning. Yuck.
(Again, thankfully not pictured!)

1 homemade brownie after Lunch
1 homemade brownie as a snack
A few pieces of hard tack candy

Again, I went way over board today. Put sweets in front of me and they WILL vanish. I can't believe I ate so much bad food today. All this talk of holiday food almost has me putting on the "it's the holidays I don't have to watch what I eat" front. I need to kick it back into gear tomorrow, my body feels terrible! Working out was not an option tonight like I had hoped, my tummy is far too upset. =[ I do have some meat loaf and mashed potatoes left over from my Moms dinner tonight so I will be fitting that into my plans tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Patience is the companion of wisdom."


1/2 cup Quaker's oatmeal made with water
1 medium banana
Cinnamon to taste

I just bought the bananas yesterday and they really weren't as ripe as I like them today, but I figured I'd try it anyway...well, I really didn't like it at all, but I ate it anyway. I learned my lesson. Bananas are perfect to me when they aren't green, but don't have a lot of brown spots yet.

(Not pictured)

10 reduced fat Wheat Thins

I had to work later than expected today, luckily I had some crackers in my purse! I was starving by the time I got home though.

(Not pictured)

Tuna wrap:
1 whole wheat tortilla wrap

2 ounces of tuna with celery, onion, and a few walnuts
No salt seasoning to taste
About 3/4 cup Campbell's broccoli potato soup from a few days ago

I was really in a hurry to eat so I chose the quickest thing I could find for lunch, plus I was really hungry by the time I did eat so I wanted to eat as soon as possible. Originally I wasn't going to eat this combination for lunch, but it did the trick.

1 of my homemade mint chocolate chip brownies! 

I was full, but I couldn't help but eat a brownie before I left to do the last minute touches of my Christmas shopping tonight. Yum yum! 


1/2 cup Special k Protein Plus cereal
1/2 cup Danon Light and Fit yogurt

Not a very good dinner, but again I was eating at weird times today and wasn't in the mood for anything heavy. I am very exhausted! Work was insanely busy today, I rushed to eat and get out the door. I didn't sit down until around 8:30! I literally ate my lunch standing up today. Haha. All  of my Christmas shopping is finisihed and gifts are's almost Christmas! The number one food item I will be enjoying in a few days on Christmas Eve are my grandma's homemade favorite food. =D We only get treated to these once a year now so it's extra special. Hmmm, maybe I need to learn the tricks of the trade to make them on my own?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

"As long as the world is turning and spinning, we're gonna be dizzy and we're gonna make mistakes. "

(Not pictured)
The same old, same old.
1/2 cup Quaker's oats
1/2 medium apple
Cinnamon to taste
(Not pictured)

I got home from work late so lunch really wasn't much of an option. A not so healthy dinner, but it was well worth it! I really have been craving this. I could have done without my second grilled cheese though, but it was soooo good.

1 cup Campbell's tomato soup made with 2% milk, not water
2 grilled cheese sandwiches:
2 slices each of Great Value brand white bread
2 slices each of yellow American cheese
Both sides slathered with margarine
My Dad and I had a fun night of making hard tack candy and I made mint chocolate chip brownies. Mmmm.
I taste tested almost all of the flavors he made tonight and had one square out of 12 brownies I made.


I may have eaten a bit unhealthy today, but I don't completely wreck myself everyday. I hate to use the holiday excuse, but it makes me crazy for everything. In all honesty though, I am much better with control that I have ever all takes time and I am proud of my progress so far.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Beauty is being in harmony with what you are. "

I went out to Rumors Grille and Bar in town last night to see my boyfriend and his bands play for their Christmas party and as always had a good time out. Matt started a new band that I only heard play once so this was only my second time hearing them. I can honestly say they have improved and I'm looking forward to see where the band goes once they begin to write their own music. Sektor 7 is his main band and Head Space is his new band, both are cover bands for now. Anyway, when I left last night snow was falling, but I never expected to wake up to 6 or 7 inches of snow! The entire East Coast really got hit with snow from what I hear.


1/3 cup Special K Protein Plus cereal
1/3 cup Danon Light and Fit Yogurt
1 small apple
Cinnamon to taste (I love cinnamon!)

I ate the last of my yogurt today, which I always buy by the quart. Unfortunately the Walmart where I shop only has plain and vanilla in quarts, I'd really like more variety. On almost every food blog I read I see them using Stoney Field organic yogurt so maybe I will try it. Danon should have some yummy holiday flavors in the 6 and 8 ounce cups so I may pick some of those up as well. On this cold day I am looking forward to having some soup for lunch or dinner. Did I mention that I don't like snow? Strange, I know. It's beautiful and all, but what I really don't like is the cold that comes along with it. Brrr.
6 Wheat Thin original cracker
1/2 tbsp. of Great Value sugar free strawberry preserves

1 slice split top oat bread
1 cup Campbell's broccoli potato soup with ground black pepper

About 1.5 cups of Dole salad mix with a little added tomato and broccoli
1 tbsp. Kraft fat-free caesar italian dressing
(This cellphone picture doesn't do it any justice!)

2 ounces of Starkist canned albacore white tuna in water
1/2 celery stalk and onion
About 4 walnuts

1 tbsp. light miracle whip
1/2 medium apple
8 reduced-fat Wheat Thins
1/2 Skinny Cow peanut butter ice cream sandwich

I was pretty full, but wanted something sweet so I just ate half of one. Tomorrow I may have a repeat of this dinner considering I still have half a can of tuna and an apple left, but I may eat it in a tortilla. I also have about a cup of potato broccoli soup left, but I may save that for another day. Currently I am learning more about fitness and how to incorporate it into my life more each day. I do about 20 minutes of yoga every day, but I am getting bored and need to tone up my middle more. Just taking baby steps. =]

Friday, December 18, 2009

"He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own."


1/3 cup Quacker's oatmeal made with water
1/8 cup Sunmaid golden raisins 
Cinnamon to taste
1 packet Splenda
Estimated calories: 183 

I have the next two days off of work and I am looking to get some things done around the house, especially with my disaster of a room. Usually, I don't let things get so messy...I think this cold weather is bringing me down. Tonight I will be going out to see my boyfriends band Sektor 7 play so it should be a good night. 
2 "8 whole wheat tortillas
1 Morning Star south west veggie burger split 
1/2 slice of yellow American cheese 
Lettuce, onion, tomato 
Estimate calories: 316
1 peanut butter and chocolate Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich
Estimated calories: 150 (I think this is a good number of calories for an ice cream sandwich considering I've seen some around 300!)  

In all honesty, I'm not sure I'm really in the mood for dinner dinner. I woke up a bit late and don't want to eat anything to heavy late tonight. If I get hungry I'll probably snack on some wheat thin crackers. 

"Self-sabotage is the smartest thing you can do if you're sabotaging a self that is not really you."

I know that I am blogging late, but it's been a long day. Finally got a hair cut today after quite a number of months I believe, saw A Christmas Carol in Pittsburgh, and had a nice free dinner at Marks Grille so it was an over-all good day.

1 whole wheat tortilla wrap
1 small apple
1/2 slice sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 tbsp. fat-free Philadelphia cream cheese
(I some how mixed my lunch and breakfast around.)
(Not pictured, although I thought I took one.)
1/2 cup Egg Beaters
Onion, broccoli, tomato in omelet
1 Small Apple
About 1/8 cup cottage cheese 

This was my first time trying cottage cheese and I did not like it! I kept trying to convince myself that it was an acquired taste, but more than anything I hated the texture. I will not be eating this again any time soon.

(Not pictured)
1 about "4 roast beef lunch meat sandwich with lettuce and tomato
Raw veggies: 
carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower
2 slices of tomato flavored with olive oil and parmesan, I believe
1/2 of a giant oatmeal raisin cookie (equal of about a regular large cookie)

This meal was made after seeing A Christmas Carol at Marks Grille in Pittsburgh. Matt's professor reserved us a room and had it catered. Some of the foods there were: mini tacos, chicken strips, bacon and cheddar potato skins, chips, veggie tray, cheese and cracker tray, roast beef sandwiches, cold cut combo sandwiches, various giant cookies, etc. I ate tons of veggies to fill up so I wouldn't be as tempted to try the fried foods or actually eat the entire cookie. At the end of the day I do feel a little bloated for some reason...I'm thinking I had too much sodium or maybe more calories than I intended at Mark's. The show and dinner were a treat though, I'm very thankful Matt's musical theatre professor was kind enough to let me tag along with the class the past two shows. Tomorrow I'm thinking of making a "taco" with a veggie burger and another tortilla, but am unsure what to have with it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing."


1/3 cup Danon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt
1/8 cup walnuts
1 medium banana 
Cinnamon to taste 
Estimated calories: 227


1/2 medium sweet potato roasted with chili powder
1 "8 whole wheat tortilla 
1 tsp brown mustard
Healthy Choice turkey breast
Ground black pepper to taste  
Lettuce, onions
Estimated calories: 227

Taco salad:
Lettuce, onion, brocoli, tomato, a smidge of parmesam cheese 
(This was already made up by my Mom when I came home, so I used it.) 
1 Southwest Morning Star veggie burger
5 jalopeno pepper slices
1 tbsp salsa
2 tsp brown mustard for dressing 
Estimated calories: 163

(Not pictured)
1/2 Skinny cow chocolate and peanut butter ice cream sandwich
1/2 medium banana
Estimated calories: 128


I have a few things I need to get rid of soon so my meals seem a little repetitious. Yesterday I bought the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and they tasted a bit better today than yesterday for some reason...the taste isn't what you would expect. I prefer my ice cream smooth and creamy, but this was more "icy" to me and didn't have much of an ice cream flavor. The cookie sandwich part is pretty good, but over-all the flavors aren't very strong. Tonight I pared half of the sandwich with half of a banana and I liked it much better and cut down calories. I don't know how I'm going to get rid of all of the sandwiched these next couple of days. I've tried to cut back on my sweets and desert intake, especially before Christmas, but I've come to the conclusion I can't cut it out of my life. Instead, I am eating sweets and such in moderation. Christmas is just about 8 days away, but all of the heavy goodies come to me on Christmas Eve and I have confidence that I will do much better this time around than Thanksgiving. Pierogi is a big part of Christmas Eve and also my favorite food, I'm really looking forward to them considering this is the only time this year I believe I will have eaten them. Also, I am looking forward to tomorrow. A Christmas Carol is showing at The Benedum Theatre in Pittsburgh and I will be going with my boyfriend and his musical theater class at CalU. I hear we're going to some kind of dinner event after, hopefully I will find something yummy.