Monday, December 28, 2009

"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability. "


A lovely bowl of mess...
1/3 cup Bear Naked apple cinnamon granola
1/3 cup Dannon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt
1 small apple

Originally I was going to have a bowl of cocoa oats and a banana, but I don't have any ripe banana's...someone at the last one. Sigh. 
By the way, I recently signed up for Food Buzz. Check me out:HERE
Matt had a gift card for Pizza Hut, so that's we went there along with his sister. We ordered bread sticks and a medium pepperoni thin crust pizza.
I had a bread stick dipped in some marinara sauce and 2 slices of pizza. I blotted all of the grease off of the pizza as usual because it grosses me out. I'm still too camera shy to bust it out in front of everyone for my blog. After lunch we decided to head to a mall we haven't been to in awhile...well, the weather here worsened as we drove. Longest trip to a mall ever. I exchanged a shirt from the other day and Matt found a book on sale at Border's, which is going out of business soon.

1 Arnold Thin
Peppered turkey lunch meat
Lettuce, onion, tomato

1 small apple with cinnamon


A nice cup of Celestial apple cinnamon tea. I have been waiting all day for this! Matt has been a bit sick for about a week now and it has finally passed on to me. I woke up feel tired, weak, stuffy, achy, etc. This cup of tea hit the spot.

I managed to sneak a few pieces of hard tack candy from Matt's stash tonight. I was looking for watermelon, but I kept getting cinnamon and gave up. Haha. 

The weather here tonight is cold and very snowy. For me, this is a terrible mix. I will have nothing to do with the cold. Yuck. Tomorrow I want to warm up with a nice bowl of oats with some cocoa. Off to bed now because I am super super sleepy with this cold!