Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Life is a journey, not a destination."

(Not pictured)
Peanut butter and banana sandwich:

1 whole wheat Arnold Thin
1 banana
3/4 cup Dannon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt
1 tbsp Skippy's Natural peanut butter

The past couple of days I have been craving peanut butter like crazy and had to get my fix today. I ate the last banana, which I only had two out of the entire bunch. Luckily I had a chance to stop tonight to get some bananas and apples, which I was also out of. Fruit this time of the year is so disappointing though, not enough variety..I may be resorting to some frozen or canned here soon.


Slice of meatloaf with tomato sauce
About 3/4 cup canned green beans
About 1/4 cup mashed red potatoes

I know mashed potatoes and meat loaf aren't the most nutritious, but the meal isn't that bad either. I separated my potatoes so I wouldn't feel the urge to eat all of them. At least I ate lots of green beans.

(Not pictured) 
With the holidays of course a few people brought some things to work today. Peggy brought spiced cake, but the frosting has coconut on it...I don't like coconut. Tom brought some homemade chocolates and that is something I can't resist! I had 3 select pieces: 1 mini Christmas tree with holiday sprinkles, 1 average size caramel cup, 1 small cup with some fruit filling and walnuts. I really appreciate homemade goodies. =] I thought about baking something else soon to bring in, but we'll see.


Lean Cuisine's chicken enchilada suiza meal

I wanted something quick that didn't dirty the kitchen and I've had a few of these in the freezer for awhile, so I figured why not? I personally like this for the rice, I don't know why. The chicken enchilda is nothing like chicken though, it's hard to explain...and I don't care for the sour cream sauce all too much so I leave most of it on the side. 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! On Thanksgiving I didn't get to see the entire family (That lives here anyway) so it will be nice to see them all. Oh, I can't forget my main dish tomorrow...pierogi! I love being part Polish. My pap always makes his own kielbasa too so I'll be snagging some of that, and some chocolates or cookies. Yum, yum, yum. Just so everyone knows, I do not like ham unless it's in lunch meat form and even then I don't care for it. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Before I forget I neglected to mention a nice gesture given to me tonight. My Dad and I were picking a few things up at Walmart and I needed another tin for hard tack candy, but the selection was a bit scarce. I found a nice snowman tin, but they were all too big so I settled for another one. While looking at gift bags a woman came up to me with a tin and it was a small version of the one I was looking at. Yes, she tracked me down just to give me the last tin of the one I liked. How nice!