Thursday, December 24, 2009

"The only thing bad about a holiday is it is followed by a non-holiday. "

3/4 cup Danon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt 
3/4 medium gala apple

A same old, same old kind of breakfast so I chose not to photograph it. I also had a little taste of the chocolate mousse my Dad was making for tomorrow. Mmm! I wish I could have just thrown my apples into that mixture. Haha.


We visit the DuBreucq (My Dad) side of the family on Christmas Eve. My grandma started a new tradition for us this year with Oplatek waffers. Oplatek is just a mixture of water and flour, but most people buy it instead of making it. The waffers come in little sheets, but we sliced them up so that we didn't spread any unneccesary germs. My grandma said she always ate hers like little sandwiches with honey in between, so we did also. Traditionally the head of the house hold gets the pink waffers, but we had to make a fe exceptions. My grandmother is full of interesting things to try.

I started dinner off with 4 lovely home made potato pierogi with home made horse radish sauce on the side, 2 slices of turkey, and a nice salad with strawberry vinaigrette. I gave the other slice of turkey to my Dad because I was too full. I could have stopped after the salad and about 2 or 3 pierogi, but they only come once a year so I finished them off.

After dinner my younger cousins played the "right and left" game. I'm the oldest grandchild, so I don't play anymore. Haha. Every one always has fun with this, even just watching it. My grandma read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas after the game and then we get ready to go downstairs and open gifts.

I had a slice of pumpkin roll, my favorite! I also had one of these mini chocolate chip cookies, which were one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted. They had a cinnamon flavor to them and I love my cinnamon, plus they were packed with chocolate chips.

This is no ordinary box, it's a Japanese "trick box". All of the grand kids got a different box in which we had to figure out how to open to get what was inside. Not as easy as it sounds let me tell you. Grandma wanted to give money to the older grand kids this year, but needed a clever way to do it and sure enough this was a great idea. She even wrapped them in Japanese newspaper that was in the boxes she received them with from an Ebay vendor. We also do gift exchanges with one of our cousins every year to make it easy on us, there are 13! I got a nice set of silver bangle bracelets, just when I was thinking earlier that I wish I had some nicer bracelets to wear.
My parents and I. =]
Oh, I also had a nice tasting of some smoked kaibasi my pap made...I love that he'll buy a cheap kaibasi and jazz it up his own way. I also tasted half a piece of peanut butter fudge from my Aunt Cherise and Uncle tasted like peanut butter bon bon's, good thing there was only one piece in the container of goodies they gave us or I would have wiped those babies out. Tomorrow I will be going to my grandma's (My Moms) for early dinner around lunch as usual. I can't wait to dig into that chocolate mousse. ;)