Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"The great question is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with failure. "


1/2 Arnold whole wheat thin
1/2 Tbsp Skippy's Natural creamy peanut butter
Apple slices with cinnamon 
1/2 apple on the side

Arnold whole wheat thin
Morning star black bean veggie burger with lettuce, jalapenos, and onion
Iceberg lettuce
2 Tbsp. Kraft fat-free caesar italian dressing

I exchanged Christmas presents early with Matt and his family tonight because I'm unsure if our Christmas schedule will work out for us to see each other. I bought Matt Fall Out 3 for Xbox, an HDMI cable for his Xbox and new TV he's getting from his parents, and a gift card for Game Stop. For his parents I bought a nice snowman throw blanket from Thing Remembered that has their last name embroidered on it, his Mom loved it! They unexpectedly got me the book I've been wanting, Glenn Beck's 'Arguing with Idiots'...I already started reading it. So far so good! 

Kind of a rough picture of me at the end of the day, but you get the point. I am excited to read yet another good book from him, I'm a huge fan.
(Not pictured, thankfully!)

3 slices of pepperoni and extra cheese pizza from Pizza King

In the event that I was over my boyfriends hosue tonight, they decided to order pizza. I told myself I wouldn't eat any because I could come home and eat dinner, but I did...all three slices of it's greasy pepperoni extra cheesy goodness. I haven't had pizza in awhile and I just may have gotten a bit over zealous. Grease and fat are something I am not accustomed to these days and all I keep hearing is my stomach churning. Yuck.
(Again, thankfully not pictured!)

1 homemade brownie after Lunch
1 homemade brownie as a snack
A few pieces of hard tack candy

Again, I went way over board today. Put sweets in front of me and they WILL vanish. I can't believe I ate so much bad food today. All this talk of holiday food almost has me putting on the "it's the holidays I don't have to watch what I eat" front. I need to kick it back into gear tomorrow, my body feels terrible! Working out was not an option tonight like I had hoped, my tummy is far too upset. =[ I do have some meat loaf and mashed potatoes left over from my Moms dinner tonight so I will be fitting that into my plans tomorrow.